Hours of Operation: Sunday and Wednesday, 9am to 5pm.

  • Items that can be disposed of at the transfer station include household garbage, cardboard, scrap metal, electronics, paint, and white metal.
  • Tires and chemical jugs can be dropped off at any time.
  • A burn pit is available for clean wood, cardboard, and trees and branches
  • Tippage Fee for refrigerators, deep freezes and other Freon-containing appliances = $20.00
  • Plastic bottles, cans, and milk cartons can be dropped off in the bin located on the south side of Warren Peers School. All proceeds go to the Student Union.
  • Pesticide containers can be disposed of at the dump for anything under 25 liters, anything over must be returned to retail outlet.
  • Products containing Mercury can be recycled privately by contacting Gord with V&S Truck Works at 403-972-3879.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jim Park 403-664-5158

For further information regarding waste and the Youngstown Regional Landfill, please visit the Big Country Waste Management Commission’s website. The Commission also offers hazardous goods drop-off days throughout the year.