The ASB is responsible for setting policy and directives for the MD of Acadia’s Agriculture department. At present, the council of the MD of Acadia also serves as the ASB, with Councillor Willie Vandeligt as Chairman.

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Jordan Hoffman, Fieldperson

  • The Ag Fieldperson is responsible for developing and implementing the Agriculture program based on the directives of the ASB. Primary duties include weed inspections, weed spraying and the Rat Control Program.
  • Jordan can be reached at 403-664-9354

The Municipality offers a wide variety of different retail equipment available to the public for rent.

  • Skunk traps: free 2 week rentals; fees may apply after 2 weeks if not returned.
  • Cattle Chute: $20 per day
  • Ditch Seeder: Phone 403-664-9354 for further information
  • Insecticide Sprayer: Phone 403-664-9354

The M.D. is certified to control coyotes, rats, and skunks. If problems with these pests arise, please contact the Ag Fieldperson or the MD Office at 403-972-3808.