Building and Development

All construction, demolition, and renovation projects undertaken on residential and commercial properties require some type of municipal approval. Please see the drop-down windows below for further information.

Municipal Permits

The first step in nearly every construction project is the municipal development permit. This form can be accessed via the below link or picked up at the MD of Acadia administration office. Obtaining a development permit is free of charge. The primary purpose of this permit is to ensure that the development meets the standards set our in the municipal Land Use Bylaw.

Once the municipal development permit is approved by the development officer or the MPC (Municipal Planning Commission), the next step in the construction process is to complete the building permit application form (linked below). The MD of Acadia contracts Palliser Regional Municipal Services and Superior Safety Codes for this process.

Some agricultural use buildings are exempt from the building permit process, but a sign-off sheet must be submitted and approved before development begins. The form is attached below.

Property owners and developers must also be aware of the other implications of building and renovation. Please see the below checklists for residential and commercial applications.

Subdivision is process that begins with the ‘Subdivision Application Form’ linked below. There are several documents that need to be attached to this form so please read it carefully.

This form is to be submitted directly to Palliser Regional Municipal Services. The MD of Acadia does not become involved until later in the process.