Municipal District of Acadia Irrigation Project

In 2004, the MD of Acadia commissioned a study with support from the Province and the Federal government to examine large-scale farmland irrigation in the municipality.

The MD of Acadia’s irrigation project proposes to irrigate up to 27,000 acres of cultivated farmland from the Red Deer River at a capital cost of up to $96 million. No on-farm pumping is required and the cost/benefit return for both the producers and the province is net positive.

This long-term project would bring several significant economic and social benefits should it be built, including:

  • Economic Diversification and Development

  • Attraction of ancillary agriculture business, such as food processors

  • Net financial benefit to the Province of Alberta

  • Greater on-farm crop yields and revenue

  • New recreation opportunities in the MD of Acadia

  • Increased food security

A copy of the 2005 study can be accessed via the link below.