Municipal District of Acadia Irrigation Project

In 2004, the MD of Acadia commissioned a study with support from the Province and the Federal government to examine large-scale farmland irrigation in the municipality.

This long-term project would bring several significant economic and social benefits should it be built, including:

  • Economic Diversification and Development

  • Attraction of ancillary agriculture business, such as food processors

  • Net financial benefit to the Province of Alberta

  • Greater on-farm crop yields and revenue

  • New recreation opportunities in the MD of Acadia

  • Increased food security

In 2019 the feasibility study was updated to determine reflect changes to the irrigation industry, and increased construction costs.

Links to both the original study completed in 2005 and the updated study completed in 2019 can be found below.

In 2021 the MD of Acadia sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Alberta, Canadian Infrastructure Bank and the Special Areas Board to examine the potential for irrigation within the region.

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