Economic development is an important and necessary activity to ensure the continued prosperity and independence of the MD of Acadia. Along with the internal efforts made my council and administration, the MD also holds membership in several regional economic development organizations. These include:

Consisting of the Special Areas Board, the MD of Acadia, Town of Oyen, Village of Empress and Village of Cereal, SAMDA seeks to bring young people back to our region and retain the ones currently here. Further, the partnership has a strong focus on entrepreneur assistance and business development.

PEP is the regional economic development alliance (REDA) of southeast Alberta. Founded in 2000, PEP consists of 18 municipalities and 1 college that represent a population of over 112,000. The goal of the organization is to enhance the area’s economic well-being through promoting economic initiatives and coordinating with provincial and federal levels of government.

Community Futures are Non-Profit Organizations guided by a volunteer board of directors and staffed with business professionals, who together are actively engaged in helping to develop and implement community-based economic development strategies. Community futures Meridian Region is represented by a group of local volunteers pursing regional economic development and employment by:

  • Providing an investment fund for new or growing businesses
  • Promoting the importance of youth entrepreneurs
  • Community Futures Meridian Region fosters community and regional partnerships through liaisons with local, provincial and federal groups to enhance rural service
  • Providing general, technical and financial assistance to new or existing business ventures
  • Provides Loans up to $150,000
  • Business plan development and assistance