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Building and DevelopmentĀ 

Nearly all construction, demolition, and renovation projects require a development and a building permit as per municipal and provincial regulations.

The first step in any project is the Municipal Development Permit, which can be obtained via the link below or at the MD of Acadia office.

Once you have submitted the Development Permit and it has been approved, the next step is to apply for a building permit through Palliser Regional Municipal Services. A link to this form and the organization’s webpage is provided below.

Subdivision is process that begins with the ‘Subdivision Application Form’ link below. There are several documents that need to be attached to this form so please read it carefully. This form is to be submitted directly to Palliser Regional Municipal Services. The MD of Acadia does not become involved until later in the process.


Municipal PermitsĀ 

Development Permit Application Form
Information on Permit Fees
Subdivision Application Form